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Gasbarre is a famous world wide press manufacturer, holding 80% market share in North American market of powder metallurgy industry, mainly manufactures and produces 5---1200 ton mechanical and hydraulic powder compaction press and sizing press. The products are equipped with advanced design, conform to engineering principles and hold reliable operating functions. Gasbarre also regards high quality production and after buy services as it main purpose for the last 25 years.

Presses including as follows: STD Series, PSP Series, DSP Series, MA Series and Hydraulic Presses.

In addition, Gasbarre also provides various accessories to improve product quality: Die Wall Lubrication, Fluidized Fill Shoes and etc.

Gasbarre Mechanical Press Division
Features of Gasbarre Press:
‧From 5 to 800 tons, be able to produce various complex parts from single surface to multiple surfaces.
‧Three upper and three lower punch at most;
‧Offers a wide range of accessories such as: TOPS Warm Powder Feed System, Fluidized Fill Shoes, Rotary Parts Accumulators and etc.



PTX-Pentronix provides high-speed and high-precise mechanical compacting presses with automatic parts handing and other supplementary products. They are widely used for ceramics, magnetics, ferrites, hard metal (tungsten carbide) and powder metals industries
PTX Automatic Press owns high degree of accuracy, weight error less than 1%; thickness change less than 0.025mm; bottom and top parallel error less than 0.013mm. PTX is able to produce high-precise small parts with diameter of 0.25mm and also dig holes of 0.1 to 0.9mm on the small millimeter parts.
Products features:

Use several patented technology, unique materials and life expectancy of more than ten years;
High-speed of maximum 300 times per minute;
High-precision, be able to produce parts around 0.1-0.9mm;
Less maintenance time, less than 95%;
Unique unitized anvil design.

Best Press CNC液压数控压机
Best Press CNC(Hydraulic Compacting Press)
Product features:
Best’s CNC Control System;
High degree of repeated precision and orientated precision;
Three upper punches/three lower punches;
Several ways of removing tools;
Computer control the operation touch screen, and other functions.

SIMAC 干袋式冷等静压机

SIMAC is the inventor of Isocratic Powder Compaction Technology. Their Cold Isostatic Press owns the most advanced technology and perfect equipments in the world includes Monostatic Press, Densomatic Press.
Product features:
SIMAC is the only Press that pressure can get above 4000 bars.
Use the worldwide leading dry bag technology, easy to operate, save large quantity of tools cost, and obvious efficiency improvement.
Used for press ball tools, the precision of the diameter can get within 1%.

Sinterite Furnace Division

Sinterite Furnace designs and manufactures furnaces mainly using in powder metallurgy industry, it is designed strictly according to standards and uses advanced technology and materials, be able to maintain reliable work under high temperature condition for several years. Sinterite is also designed as modules to satisfy customers’ special requirements. Meanwhile, Sinterite’s products conform to standards of environment, safety and structure, such as NFPA, ASTM, OSHA, NEC and have passed the European CE Authentication.
Product features:
Provide continuous furnaces with temperature of 1200℃.
Provide high-temperature pusher furnaces with temperature of 1450℃.
Offers a wide range of accessories such as: fast dewaxing system, fast cool off system and etc.

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