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Union Process 

Union Process in USA is the inventor of Attritors and has over 20 years experiences in the production of Attritors. Its equipments will provide you with high speed, high efficiency, super-fine grinding process and well-distributed dispersion. Moreover, the power consuming of the equipments and wear-and-tear for the machine are also very low.

Union Process devotes itself to the development and improvement of the grinding equipment and their main purpose is to provide the most need equipment for customers in different industries, including Laboratory Mills, Production Mills, Dry Grinding Attritors, Wet Grinding Attritor, Small Media Mills and etc.

The applicable field of this kind of attritor is very wide, can be used in pigment, ink, toner, ceramics, metal and nonmetal, serving large number of famous customers worldwide. The technical experts and the professional lab of Union Process will provide you the optimal production program and also will recommend the optimal machine to you.

‧Wet Grinding Attritor:
Vertical Batch Attritor -SSeries
Vertical Continuous Attritor 
-C/H Series
Vertical Circulation Attritor-QSeries
‧Small Media Attritor:
Vertical Small Media Attritor  -SDM
Horizental Small Media Attritor

‧Dry Grinding Attritor:
Vertical Batch Attritor - SDG series
Vertical High Speed Attritor
- HSA Series

‧Lab Attritor:
All types above have lab type  attritor. The continuity is better  for lab type proportionately  enlarge to production type. 

Vertical Batch Grinding Attritor:
‧S Series: The grinding process is batch type with inside circulation, can get sample and check whenever necessary without turn off the machine. The system that is used for protecting from metal ion pollution is also provided. It is better applied to precise ceramic and electronic ceramic industry with strict requirements.
‧SL Series: The “L” type arms with special design can prevent grinding the corners. It is better applied to milling magnetic material and slice shape metal powder industry.
‧SC Series: The design of taper milling is with high effective and special for high-density materials such as tungsten carbide.

Vertical Continuous Attritor:
‧C/H Series: Continuous Attritor is a vertical type Attritor used for large-scale production. Pre-mix powder liquid is charged from the bottom and discharged from the top. Advantages: continuous large-scale production, high speed grinding and processing, excellent temperature control, simple and safe operation system, less maintenance and power consumption.

‧CL, CLS  Series: especially design for grinding lime and limestone.

Vertical Circulation Attritor:

‧Q Series: Circulation Attritor applies to material with particle size of 1—100 micron that is hard to grind. Comparing with other Attritors, large quantities of materials can be ground with a smaller investment of grinding media and Attritor equipment.
The slurry can be monitored continuously during the grind. Additional ingredients can be added to the premix tank at any time during the grind, with sensitive materials being added near the end of the grinding cycle, in order to maintain the efficiency of grinding and same composition of materials.
It combines a main Attritor with a pregrind tank. The costs can decrease, because the main Attritor needs less grinding media. Meanwhile, the circulation makes final output reach narrower particle size distribution and get high quality products.


Vertical Dry Grinding Attritor
It is used for super-fine milling mechanical alloy and nonmetal mineral, also can combined with classified machine.
‧SDG Series: SDG Dry Grinding Attritors are ruggedly built machines with special designed, two-speed, high starting torques motors. They also equipped with jacketed, stainless steel tanks and tilting devices for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Cover seals can be provided for conditions where dust control is desired, or where grinding must be done under a closed inert gas system. Torque meter is available including torque and speed sensor read-out.
‧HSA Series: HAS Series has a unique patented design concept that includes a new grinding tank internal configuration tank, which has a series specially shaped agitating arm and diverted discs are mounted along the longitudinal axis of the agitator shaft. This new engineering design makes it possible to use smaller grinding media, operate at higher shaft RPM, and increase residence time of processed material in the grinding chamber to insure a finer grind.
UP立式小磨介研磨机 Vertical Small Media Attritor
Using mini media from 0.25 to 3mm can get sub-microns materials with good particle size distribution.
‧SDM Series: Vertical Small Media Attritor uses specially designed shaft and Delta Discs configured to accommodate small media milling, easy to clean and narrow particle size distribution, it is best applied to expensive ink, pigment, toner and nonmetal mineral (mainly heavy calcium and claimed ceramic clay).
Other advantages as follows: No premixing requirement, Energy efficient operation, Material can be inspected and additions made at any time during the grinding cycle, etc.

UP卧式小磨介研磨机 Horizontal Small Media Attritor:
‧DMQ Series: It is UP’s newest Attritor application that grinds with unique process (grinding with forced centrifugal force) with high efficiency and it is the most advanced Horizontal Attritor.
Other advantages as follows:
1.    Operates in either circulation or continuous mode;
2.    Easily adjustable product discharge openings maximize throughput and accommodate grinding media from 1mm to as small as 0.3mm.
3.    Process materials to 0.1µm with particle size distribution around several microns, even to nanometers; this is the highest level of physical grinding.
4.    Special design of DALITA disc reduces the shake of shaft and machine during milling.
5.    Indexed discs provide directed and uniform media distribution throughout the mill chamber.
6.    Large, heavy-duty media separator located at the end of the mill makes service fast and easy.

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